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Journey Assist

Welcome to the information and application portal Journey-assist!

Our mission is to assist you in organizing independent travel! Whether it's work or educational trips, thematic tours, shopping tours, photo tours or just a trip to relax. Here you will find all the information you need for this. Starting from information about the weather and ending with tips and reviews of experienced tourists, with photos and video reports.

Travel is Important!

Having started traveling once, it is already impossible to stop. In confirmation of this - a diverse history of travelers.

Traveling is not only adventures and opportunities to feel a taste for life - travels change lives for the better.
This is a wonderful way to improve the quality of life, expand your horizons, and every journey is a memory for life!

The best tour in the world!

Freedom to plan your own travel The best trip in the world must be prepared and carried out independently!

No travel agency knows better than you what exactly you need in your trip and how to organize it so that you get more good than you expect. 🙂

All About Everywhere 🙂

On the pages of our portal we tried to consider and present all countries of the world. They set out the maximum amount of information about them, among which you are likely to find everything you need.
Story. Geography, Climate, Economics, Culture, Cuisine, Sightseeing, Phrasebooks, Dictionaries, Maps, Photo and Video Galleries, Experienced Tips and much much more ...

Isn’t it time for us to travel ?! ;)

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